Blood Donors

Did you know that less than 5 percent of healthy Americans eligible to donate blood, actually do so. I found a really cool ‘up to date’ graphic representation of the nation’s blood supply! If you can donate blood, please do it!

While I appreciate everyone donating blood for me, the main reason I’m asking is to replace the blood and platelets that I used so that someone else who needs it can get it as well. These blood banks are sharing blood between states because of local shortages.  And if you can’t donate, you CAN recruit someone who is able to!

In Baton Rouge, you can donate at Our Lady of the Lake (765-8843) and you can mention my name (Phillip Page). If you’re not in Baton Rouge, you can still donate to help others. Find a blood bank near you here.

I’ll be giving away a pint of beer at the By-You Brewshack to anyone donating blood to my cause! Just present this webpage with your name on it to redeem your coupon.


Here is a list of people who have donated blood and/or platelets. THANK YOU!


Quornelleus Adams

Robert Ash

John Assad

Dale Avers

Karen Barbier

Doug Barksdale (3)

Janet Barksdale (3) 

Brenna Barzenick

Jim Bennett (2)

Jim Beuoy (2)

Katherine Castle (2)

Alex Causey

Susan Wilson Causey

Kaley Christy

Bob Crabbs

Marshall Dahneke

Pam Davis

Candee Deem

Barbara Dixon (2)

Nevon Dukaric

Vincent Dukaric (2)

John Farrell

Chrissy Foster

Aimee Heltz Green

Cecelia Green

Jay Greenstein

Danielle Gremillion

Rusty Gremillion

Cliff Gillio

Randy Gonzales (2)

George Heard (3)

Kim Heard (3)

Brenda Hebert  (2)

Lindsay Hebert (2)

Chantel Heitler

Chase “Platelet Juice” Hendrigsman (2)

Ann Hill

Bobby Hopson

Kara Hopson

Amy Hunting

Leah Jaroz (2)

Kristin Kinsey

Lisa Koval

Katrina Kreider

Kathryn Labbe (2)

Beth Marquar

Sheree McAllister

Brandy McIntire (2)

Joyce McIntire (2)

Art McMahan

Craig Obermeyer

Darrell Ourso

Michelle Perrine (2)

Andrew Pecquet

Danielle Petit

Lisa Piero

Jeff Pollis

Carol Quezada

Andrew Saliga

Roxana Saltos

Ron Sanders (3)

Mary Sanders (3)

Paul Saunders

Greta Savoian (2)

Clarence Savoie

Dan Scannicchio

Marla Page Scannicchio

Aimee Schexnayder

Jennifer Seiler

Jeff Sommers (3)

John Sommers (10 times!)

Daniel Sommers (2)

Dennis Sommers

Ray Sommers (4 times!)

Greta Spengler

Rhys Sampson

Carol Stahl

Robin Stroschin (2)

Ruben Stroub

Joshua Taylor (2)

Kevin Taylor (3)

Rachel Taylor

Suzanne Taylor (2)

Charlotte Tinnin

John Toney

Mike Voight

Alanna Williams

Jessica Wood


Let me know if you’ve donated to this cause, and I’ll add you to the list. Thank you to everyone!

11 thoughts on “Blood Donors”

  1. Proud of my brother Vince…. Danielle, last time I saw you was at a blood drive, honored to be amongst the two of you! Phil, you know you would end up having to print the “webpage coupon” for me, so I hereby publically state that you can count me in for blood / platelet donations for as long AND as frequently as OLOL will let me donate. And, I fully intend to enjoy the Brew at the By-You Brewshack for many, many, many, more pints…..Just get my darn special glass back in the freezer already.

  2. Phil, First, let me say, sorry you have to go through this. It sucks. Second thing: I have USDA-Prime. O-neg-universal-donor, drug-free, high-level-of-exercise blood. You want some of this brother! Using the links on your site and surfing from there, I have called three numbers for donating blood locally here in Houston. I mentioned I had your name, DOB and hospital number. It seems like the blood banks dont have a program for trading blood credits anymore? It would seriously be my blessing to provide all I can for you next I travel to B.R. Or if you end up visiting a Hospital in Houston-area, I will round up a possee and we will send a lot of love and blood your way. -Thomas Brinsko

    1. Hi Thomas! Thank you very much. Even if you don’t donate for me, you can still donate for others! And I may end up in Houston at MD Anderson at some point (But hopefully not, as that would mean Bone Marrow Transplant). So it’s good to know your Prime Blood is there for me! Appreciate the thoughts and prayers! Phil

  3. Hey Phil, so glad you are improving! Lots of prayers for you and your family and donated blood for you last month (pic posted to your Fb page)!
    Be well, my friend.,

  4. Phil,
    Donated in Lafayette at United Blood center “7/1/2014″ and put it in your name. Please let me know if it shows up. I want to make sure they are getting it recorded correctly.

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