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The Bone Marinara Challenge

With all the Ice Bucket Challenge hype, I thought I’d first donate to the cause, which I did last week. ALS is a horrible disease with no cure that will require millions of dollars in research funding. The money this challenge will raise will literally be a drop in the bucket, even though it might bring in $100 million more dollars. One research project alone can cost millions.

I’m glad to see the increase in awareness for ALS. And even more amazed that some “FAIL” videos have been viewed over 7 million times! Of course, all these videos are now laden with advertising in an effort to make those posting the video money for themselves.

In my own efforts to increase bone marrow donor registrations, I also wanted to take advantage of this socialized media phenomenon to increase awareness for the need of bone marrow donors. So I created the “BoneMarinara Challenge.”

The recipe for Bone Marinara is:

  • Ketchup (representing red blood cells)
  • Mayonnaise (representing white blood cells)
  • Mustard (representing platelets…they really are yellow!)
  • Tabasco Sauce (to kick it up a notch!)

While I don’t expect anyone to actually do the BoneMarinara Challenge (although the recipe makes a great seafood dip), I simply want you to share this video for a little bit of education on Aplastic Anemia and to encourage people to get swabbed for bone marrow donation. For people 18-44 years old, it’s free to get swabbed, and you can order your own swab kit online from

If you can’t join the bone marrow registry because of your age or health condition, consider donating or volunteering. Any contribution  you make will help save someone’s life.



The Dentist Visit

For a quick laugh…I love how Harvey Korman makes the scene with his laughter. Maybe this is why my dental visit hurt more than my biopsy. Classic comedy.

And if you liked that one, here’s another that might make you smile (or not). This was the dentist visit I was referring to that was more painful than the biopsy. It was on my recent trip to India.