I’ve lost my MOJO! But I’ll find it.

900 ANC again this week.

Not the 1000 we had hoped and prayed for. 1000 is more of a milestone goal rather than a necessity. Mostly, it represents moving in a positive direction, which is something we haven’t seen in the last few weeks.

Psalm 27:14. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous.

The optimist says, “At least the numbers didn’t decrease.”

The cautious optimist says, “Yeah, that’s true, but….”

It’s been a little rough for the “status quo” these past few weeks….it seems like I’ve lost my mojo, baby!

With this lack of progress, I know I need to focus on taking care of myself (physically and mentally), but I still feel like there’s more I need to do for others in need. In fact, I think I feel this way because otherwise I’d start feeling sorry for myself, which I don’t want to happen.

What good does it do to worry about things about myself that are out of my control? (say this aloud to yourself if you need to; repeat as necessary)

Turn the worry into motivation to help others in need. Stop all the negative thoughts and reach out to someone who needs help. It will help you get your mind off of your worries.

Peter 4:11 Are you called to help others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies, so that God will be glorified through Jesus Christ-to him be the glory and power forever and ever.

So here’s what we are going to do.

My wife Angela will be hosting another blood drive. The drive is scheduled for Monday, July 28th 1:00-6:00 in the main conference room at the Woman’s Center for Wellness. 9637 Jefferson Highway (corner of Bluebonnet). For those of you who regularly donate or haven’t donated since our last drive, here’s your chance!

And stay tuned for a Be The Match “RunWalk”….among other things we are hoping to do to increase awareness!

I”m not gonna sit back and let this get me down.

God’s got dis!

hat #MOJO!

3 thoughts on “I’ve lost my MOJO! But I’ll find it.”

  1. Great post, Phil. Way to turn your disappointment into motivation, and with God’s help, of course you got dis!

  2. Keep taking care of yourself and keep strong in your faith……it is always darkest just before dawn, then the sun will brightly shine. #mojo

  3. Just like Austin, we’ll eventually see that you’ve never lost your MoJo at all. Its’ been here all along…
    Godspeed and keep the faith.

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